Being a member

Being a member of Mangrove means :

Always keeping in mind its purpose

Always keeping in mind the purpose of the organization is key. The only final boss of Mangrove's members is Mangrove's purpose, and only important decision should be made under the light of this purpose. Members' work should converge towards it.

Sharing its ideal

Members sharing a common strong culture is at the very root of Mangrove's existence. Before everything else, a member shares with Mangrove an ideal of what is a fulfilling professional life, and Mangrove's bets on how to achieve it. [see section 'What is Mangrove']

Adhering to its rules and habits, and helping improving them

A member can, and should, be critical about some of Mangrove's habits, but should globally adhere to them. The pairing and using the moodbot are examples of Mangrove's habits.

Experimenting together

Mangrove is experimenting new modes of organization and governance. Its members should keep this in mind and keep an experimental mindset, learning from errors to refine the model.

Being implied in the life and the construction of the ecosystem

Implication from every Mangrove member is important. It means :

  • taking part in the collective effort, going from the essential small tasks to the recurring missions necessary to Mangrove's life and to the big realizations allowing its expansion
  • integrating to the community and to its everyday life
  • putting one's skills and resources to the service of the community
  • being proactive, undertaking initiatives and being a driving force of projects aligned with Mangrove's shared vision

Representing the ecosystem

Each member should embody Mangrove's values and its ideal, during highlight moments as well as in everyday life.

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