Starting a new project

When you want to start a new project, you need to:

  • ask for advice from the people who will get impacted by your project.
  • ask for advice from the people who are the most skilled to help you.
  • share publicly about the project you are starting if people want to participate.

Impacting existing assets

Existing assets include: website, bots, branding.
Ask the advice of the person leading the asset and other members who are expert on the topic about the change you’d like to make.
If some member are against this change and you still want to make it, ask for a vote. Each vote is weighted by each member’s decisional power based on their contribution. If you get less than 30% of voters against the change (yes, no, IDK), you can make it.

Recording your contribution & contribution points (CP)

Every week on Monday, a reminder is sent on Slack for the members to record their contribution through the right Typeform (enter Slack command "contributionpoints" to get the links to the Typeform & spreadsheet with the list of contributions).

Spending 1 hour on Mangrove projects : 1 contribution point (cp).
4 hours: 2 cp.
1 whole day: 5 cp.
1.5 day: 7 cp.
2 days: 9 cp.
3 days: 12 cp.

When a member participates in the Mangrove Shipping Day, meaning that they dedicate their whole Monday to Mangrove work, they get an additional bonus point (+1 cp).

When a member has an exceptional impact with their work, they get 3 additional bonus points (+3 cp). Exceptional impact means that their involvement significantly helped Mangrove grow.

How to know if a task you want to do is worth contribution points ? Make sure it is recognised by the community.
In the specific case when you have to spend time reading or learning something before actually doing a task for Mangrove, ask yourself these questions to know if this time can be recorded as CPs :

  1. Was this level of expertise really necessary for this task ? if yes :
  2. Were other people available and motivated who could do the task in less time ? if no :
  3. Was it really worth to do this task, instead of another, given the learning time it's going to take ? if yes : then recording CPs is justified

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