Finances & Assets

Physical Assets

While all assets belong to Mangrove, a person is appointed as responsible for a period of time to be determined, depending on the context. Being responsible of an asset means that we have to take care of it [link to sheperding], in exchange of its use.

When a member leaves Mangrove, they take no asset back. They must delegate the responsibilities they have over the physical assets to other members. They must seek advice with people directly concerned with this transmission as well.

A member cannot use Mangrove physical assets for personal use, as it doesn’t help the purpose of Mangrove. However, he can ask to affected members to buy or lease it with associated guarantees.

Mangrove needed a Drone in order to make a promotional video of a retreat. After making comparisons and presenting the results to the rest of the team, one of the members bought the drone with his own money and has been paid back a few weeks after.

Money Management

All profits generated within Mangrove should be reinvested in other Mangrove projects.

When money is needed for a project, the people in charge of the project can simply ask in the #finance channel the required amount in order to discuss the potential investment with the rest of the team [see buying something for mangrove].

A treasurer has to be elected every 3 months and is hold responsible of the financial flows. He has to regularly check the #finance channel in order to register the cashflows on his favorite accounting system (we like google spreadsheets, lydia and tricount) and publicly communicate the balances every 2 weeks, the debts of Mangrove towards its members, and the distribution of the refunds.

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