Issues Management

Engagement issues

If you feel there is a problem related to a member's engagement in the community (lack of work dedicated to Mangrove, mindset issues, etc.), the first thing to do is to go and talk about it with this member. If this doesn't solve the problem, you should talk about it with other members. If 3 members agree on a lack of engagement from a Mangrove member, they need to talk to this member and share publicly that this talk happened. 45 days later, if 3 members (not necessarily the same ones) are still unsatisfied about this member’s engagement, they should share the information publicly and ask for a vote: “Should this member still be an Mangrove member?". After 5 days of voting, if more than 30% of the voters agree that the member should become a Mangrove friend, the member becomes a Mangrove friend (= no more responsibilities within Mangrove) or can leave the community.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts happen. It's ok.

If the conflict is about Mangrove's mission

  • Refer to "What is Mangrove" and "The Rules" to see if you can resolve it in an easy way by following a written rule.
  • Talk about it asap on #general. Transparency is one of the key values of Mangrove. No one should be affraid to express misunderstandings or divergent opinions.

If the conflict is about anything else (projects, implication...)

Step 1

  • If inside a project, refer to the person in charge and talk about the problem directly on 1 to 1.
  • If the problem is a lack of leadership or a wrong leadership, talk directly with the lead of the project about it. The sooner the better.
  • For any other conflict, talk to the person that causes the conflict. Be benevolent, try to understand why this person is acting like this.

Step 2

  • If it doesn't work, choose a third person as a facilitator. This person will be responsible of sorting things out.

Step 3

  • If it doesn't work, talk about it publicly (either on #general or during a call/meeting). Don't forget to stay benevolent. Everybody is on the same mission here, and shit happens. Talk about the project, not the people. Smile :)

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