Mangrove Friends

Applying to become a Mangrove friend

Anyone can apply to join the Mangrove community using the application form on our website:

Onboarding a Mangrove friend

After several Mangrove members agreed on inviting a new person to the community because they share our values and have the ability to contribute (startup culture, skills & motivation), the first one to have given their agreement has to invite the applicant to fill the welcome form (find the link with the "newmf" command on Slack).

Once they filled the form, the 1st member that gave their agreement will add the new Mangrove friend to the MF slack groupand write an introduction in #general as soon as they join. Ex: Hey all, I’m glad to introduce you to [name]. I met her/him [somewhere]. (S)he’s skilled at [top 3 skills] and loves doing [this and that]. Her/his background in a few words is [POTUS or whatever].

Then, this same member will send the new MF a private message to onboard them in the community: share the link to the MF directory, the Slack channels that could be interesting to them, and the list of projects they can get involved in. Find the template of Welcome message using the "newmf" command on Slack.

Animating mangrove friends

As a Mangrove member, you'll have to ensure that the MF community is well-animated by posting regularly, giving feedbacks and helping people.

Every week, there's a new MM in charge of the Weekly call and of the Weekly News: a short summary of what's happening in the community (MF+MM). It is sent on the MF Slack #general with a @channel mention and by email to all the MF from the Mangrove email address ( The list of email addresses of the MF can found using the Slack command "needcontact".

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