New members FAQ

What am i supposed to do in Mangrove ?

The only thing you’re supposed to do is to contribue, in a way that brings value to Mangrove. When it comes down to what to do precisely, only you can choose it - the other members can only help you find it.

  • Look at what is already being done: if you see another thing that could bring a lot of value to Mangrove, validate with the others that it actually brings value, and do it. Or even, don’t validate if you want and just do it, but then your contribution points / recognition in Mangrove linked to it might be subject to discussions. The only rule : if what you do impact the work of others, talk with them beforehand about it. Just give energy and be creative about what could help this lifestyle expand. (*)

  • If you don’t see such alternate thing, look at the ongoing projects and efforts, pick the one you like the most, and propose your help. The people already on the project will welcome your energy if you offer it. There are so many issues to be tackled currently waiting !

  • There is also an amount of day-to-day tasks to be done, but most of them require to have spent some time in mangrove (pitches, answering emails..) : new members are mostly contributing on projects

The steps to achieve our vision are only ‘loosely’ planned, on purpose. We create a framework of emergence : in which the projects and next realisations emerge from the motivations of the members and the expressed needs from the ecosystem. What Mangrove will be in one year will emerge from all the energies we have inside, and how our frameworks canalise these energies toward common projects that matter. 'common projects', because to make the ecosystem grow in one direction - whatever this direction is, whichever is has been planned or not - some focus is needed. This is why the most important matters on the ecosystem will be upvoted and member taking part in the 2-weeks sprint teams to resolve them will be particularly rewarded.

(*) precision : we introduced a notion of rights (with the 'tracks') to keep this freedom while taking more newcomers without endangering the integrity of the organisation : you cannot from the very beginning have the right to change the website only by yourself or integrate a new member. But you can help building peer to peer learning processes, work on co-living or co-working projects, work on the project helping people to switch to freelancing..

Why does Mangrove sometimes feels like individual projects which align with the philosophy ?

For the moment it might feel like that indeed, but it isn’t in reality. To achieve the goal of Mangrove - creating and promoting a new work lifestyle, and creating the tools/frameworks/environment for that - a lot of different aspects of this lifestyle must be developed. And this why the granularity for each project is, for the moment, almost reduced to one person - but with growth, we start to having teams involved instead of individuals, and this trend is going to become stronger and stronger.

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