Monthly Meetings

Organizing a Monthly Meeting

The monthly meetings have been created to gather our freelance & entrepreneurs friends who share our mindset but also those interested in learning more about our community.

Learn here how to set up a Mangrove Monthly meeting:

The spot

As a monthly meeting leader, you’re in charge of booking a bar with a capacity of 70+ people (depending on the community size in your hub). Pick a selection of 3 bars on the date that best suit and let the Mangrove community vote.

The guests

Everybody is welcome to join us to talk about new lifestyles and meet awesome freelancers, entrepreneurs and people who want to work differently.

The announcement

  • Facebook Event : create a Facebook event to measure the number of attendees
  • Facebook Posts : publish two posts on the Mangrove Facebook page to let our fans know about the event (you can find some samples in the Google Drive)
  • Twitter : publish two tweets on the Mangrove twitter account to let the community know about the event
  • Newsletter : send one newsletter to the Mangrove mailing list the week before the event to let the suscribers know about the event.
  • Mangrove Friends : publish a message in the Mangrove Friends Slack to help us to create a huge word of mouth.

The D-Day

Be sure to be the first at the bar to welcome the guest. Make yourself available and don’t hesitate to discuss with the first-time people.

Make sure to have a good camera to document the event and that someone takes the responsibility for the pictures :)

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