Organizing a retreat

A retreat is an important part of Mangrove: it’s actually where Mangrove was born in January 2016 in Essaouira, Morocco. It’s a time to step back from your daily life and get out of your comfort zone to experiment a 3-weeks co-living with the Mangrove Friends community.

Learn here how to set up and live a perfect Mangrove retreat [add Portugal templates as an example (no need to reformat it for now):

The spot

First, you’ll have to talk with the Mangrove members and get their approval about building a brand new retreat. Once you get the approval of 80% of the team about the dates and the city, you will be in charge to find the perfect house to rent.

Here are the points you have to check while searching the house:

  • a very good WIFI
  • a quiet place
  • a dishwasher
  • some good waves

Once you’ve found at least 3 perfect matches, share your find with the Mangrove community to validate the finale house.

The guests

A guest is coming for 1 week and has to be a Mangrove Friends. You’ll have to announce the retreat to all the MF at least 3 months before the start. To do this, create a Google Doc including informations about the spot, the surroundings, the mindset, the rates and a brief explanation about the payment method.

Each guest stays around 1 week in the house so each week we can host a new batch. Once you have more than 30% of the house filled, you can proceed to the house booking.

Keep in mind to have well-diversified batchs.

The booking

If you can pay in advance, just warn the community you’re ready to pay the house. If you’re not able to advance the fees, you will talk with the community to find someone who can pay the house. Then, you have to pay back this member by asking the first Mangrove Friends to pay their rent [see buying something for Mangrove]

The planning

Create a shared Google sheet to manage the batch. You will have to ask to the participants to choose their ideal week. Once someone have chosen his dates, you can directly proceed to the payment and confirm his venue.

The survival kit

Each participants will receive from you a survival kit (Google Doc) with useful information:

  • Your phone number
  • Urgency number
  • Transports from the Airport to the house
  • Map of the house surroundings

The co-living

As a retreat coach, you’ll ensure that:

  • The house is ready to host all of the participant each week (house, bed, and towels are clean)
  • To invite the closest tech community to join us for a BBQ 🌭
  • The participants are feeling amazed during their stay.

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