What is Mangrove

Mangrove is an ecosystem of tech enthusiasts sharing the same ideal of professional fulfillment. It experiments a new way of working following this ideal, and brings into its wake all those who are sensitive to it.

Mangrove's purpose and ideal

The purpose of Mangrove as an organization is the professional fulfillment of its members.

Mangrove's ideal of professional fulfillment consists of several cardinal points :

  • benevolence : we believe that working in a climate of benevolence and goodwill is both mandatory for professional wellness and a condition of efficiency. We have seen too many companies or workplaces were the climate was hard, were people were in competition with each other or had to hide who they were by fear of consequences
  • trust : we know that a climate of trust is at the root of every great collective achievement. Trust in Mangrove is by default. We see no value in managing by control and strong supervision.
  • sense of collectiveness : in Mangrove, we all want to succeed together, and we want to by surrounded by people with the same mindset. We value cooperation over competition, sharing over hiding and protecting, collective achievement over standing out personally
  • freedom : to be engaged, to be thriving at work, we strongly believe that you should be choosing the projects you work for, the way you use your time, the location you work from. Work should not mean trading your energy against a salary, and following orders you disagree with. It means contributing to the society in the way you chose to do it.
  • will to grow : humility and the will to grow together are important values shared in Mangrove. We all still have everything to learn, whichever our levels of expertise are, and it is important for us to keep that in mind.
  • diversity of individualities : being surrounded only by profiles similar to yours bring nothing good. It makes consensus easy to reach, but kills creativity and stimulation. In Mangrove, we are all eager to be surrounded every day by people very different from us.

As personal qualities of its members, Mangrove values :

  • openness and curiosity : these values are quite common but have a strong meaning for Mangrove. It was originally created thanks to the curiosity of it first members for new ways of working, and their openness to listening to new and uncommon ideas. This spirit, at the root of Mangrove, should persist with ever member.
  • thoughtfulness : thoughtfulness, and the capacity of having deep insight on things, seeing further than the evidences, identifying the social norms, are important qualities for us. It allows our reflexions to be deep, wise and meaningful.
  • franchise, clarity and relational maturity : being part of Mangrove requires a high relational maturity. Its members should be able to manage their egos to find their place in the ecosystem, taking clear positions but leaving space for the rest. They should be very honest with themselves and with the group, and nourish a virtuous circle of positive and constructive interactions with the ecosystem. They should know how to look for solutions instead of showing their anger when a problem appears, and to use non violent communication, because no manager will be there to supervise and solve their problems.
  • a positive mindset and energy : knowing how to be positive in all circumstances and having a lot of energy is at the core of Mangrove's mindset. Everyone is not equal regarding these qualities, but they can be cultivated. And we cultivate them a lot.
  • an ambitious and entrepreneurial mindset : Mangrove members know how they want to contribute to this world, and they want to do it fully. They are all changemakers in their own way, and they share the ambition of seeing their dreams come true
  • being a good listener : Mangrove members are all excellent, but they a not know-it-alls. They even are the contrary : one of the qualities we value the most is being a good listener. This means having empathy, being able to put yourself in another's shoes, being able to really understand what the feelings and ideas of others are. This means being able to put your own convictions aside for a while, the time to fully embrace another point of view.

Mangrove's bets

To bring its ideal alive, Mangrove made bets.

Mangrove bets that a new way of working is now possible. A way of working that allows us to reconcile our aspiration for individual freedom and the strength of a community united by common values. Work shouldn’t be an experience filled with sacrifice or alienation but it should be a means for personal fulfillment.

Mangrove bets on transparency. Transparency breeds trust and trust is the foundation of our collaboration. Rather than internal competition, we prefer the exchange of knowledge with constant goodwill. This enables both personal enrichment and collective progress. Transparency makes us more agile and strengthens our community.

Mangrove bets on an organization without hierarchy. We work at our own pace, in our own way, and wherever we feel best. Our community thrives on the diversity of individual abilities and talents that are able to unfold within it. Such freedom goes hand in hand with our individual responsibility: our work is a commitment to the community and to the rest of society.

Mangrove bets on technology as the main organizational lever. Scalable technology combined with our values makes us stronger. It allows us to work horizontally in a structured way and to be more effective together while remaining free in our action.

An organic, agile and listening structure.

Mangrove is an ecosystem both open to its environment and anchored with deep roots: we keep evolving but our values never change.

It is not owned by anyone and is not led by an identified leader. It is inspired from different models of new organizations, like the Teal Organization and Holacracy.

Mangrove friends

Mangrove friends are people revolving around Mangrove. They share the mindset, the vision and are interested in being part of the ecosystem.

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